Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Hunter’s Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor Helps Save Water

Wireless Sensor Adds Convenience to Retrofits

Hunter Industries has introduced a wireless version of its Mini-Clik rain/freeze sensor. The device features many of the same capabilities as the wired version in a retrofittable design. One of the greatest advantages of the wireless Mini-Clik sensor is that it eliminates the need for wire connection between the sensor and controller, making it an ideal solution for quick and easy installation.

Saving Water During Rainy or Cold Weather

The Hunter Mini-Clik wireless sensor is designed to reduce water consumption by preventing the irrigation system from running during and immediately after significant rainfall. This function helps keep the landscape healthy while also minimizing water waste. The device also features freeze detection technology that disconnects the irrigation system to prevent plant damage during below-freezing temperatures.

The Hunter Mini-Clik® Sensor Saves Resources

Hunter Industries’ wireless Mini-Clik sensor is designed to save water, protect plants, and enhance water management. The device’s wireless capabilities ease retrofit installations and reduce water and energy costs, making it an ideal solution for anyone seeking to save resources while maintaining a healthy landscape.


Hunter Industries’ wireless Mini-Clik sensor provides users with a reliable solution for maintaining a healthy landscape while conserving water. With its wireless capabilities and customizable settings, the Mini-Clik sensor is a smart investment for anyone seeking to save on water and energy costs.