Wisconsin Rapids, WI

At Wisconsin Rapids Tree Service Pros, we offer a range of tree services to help you maintain the health and appearance of your trees. We offer top notch tree pruning and tree removal services.


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Quality Tree Pruning For Homes and Businesses

Our certified team of tree doctors are trained in proper tree pruning techniques and can assess the condition of your tree to recommend the best course of action.  Our tree company will carefully trim branches to promote healthy growth, improve the shape of the tree, or remove hazards. Our tree doctors also offer their valuable tree work on how pruning can help to maintain the overall health of your tree and prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Specialized Tree Pruning Services That We Offer

Our tree pruning services include removing branches from the center of the tree to improve air circulation and light penetration. Crown reduction is one of our tree pruning services that involves reducing the size of a tree by carefully trimming the branches and removing a portion of the canopy. Crown raising is another tree work that involves removing lower branches to increase the clearance under the tree. Our tree removal company also offers specialized tree pruning techniques to help you shape the tree to your desired appearance and address specific concerns you may have.

Residential and Commercial Tree Removal Services, WI

Tree removal, on the other hand, is necessary when a tree is damaged, diseased, or dead and poses a hazard. Our tree removal company has the equipment and expertise to safely remove trees of any size. After the tree is removed, we can also provide stump grinding to clear the area for new plants or grass.

Why Choose Our Pros For Your Tree Trimming or Removal

When you choose our tree company for your tree pruning and removal needs, you can be confident that you are entrusting your trees to professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality tree work. Our top priorities are customer satisfaction and safety, and we offer competitive pricing for our tree services.