Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Our tree company at Wisconsin Rapids Tree Service Pros, we understand that a tree stump can be an eyesore in your yard and can make it difficult to mow the lawn or plant new flowers. That’s why we offer stump grinding as one of our tree services.

We use specialized tree work machines to grind the stump into small pieces until it is completely removed. Our tree company will leave the area clear and ready for new plants or grass to be planted.

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Why You Need Professional Stump Grinding Services

With expert tree work, your lawn would look beautiful and attractive. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, we ensure the stump grinding’s practical advantages. Our tree company understands that stumps can attract pests, such as ants and termites, and can even sprout new shoots, resulting in the need for additional tree removal. By grinding the stump during tree work, you can help prevent these issues and keep your yard looking its best.

Our team of certified tree doctors is trained in the use of stump grinding equipment and can assess the condition of your stump to recommend the best course of action. Our tree company can grind stumps of any size, and our pricing is competitive.

Additional Stump Grinding Related Services

In addition to stump grinding services, we can also fill the area with topsoil and seed it with grass to blend in with your lawn. This tree work can help the area to blend seamlessly with your landscaping and give you a smooth, even surface to enjoy. Our tree company prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety, and our pricing is competitive. Contact our tree doctors today to learn more about our stump grinding services and to schedule your appointment.