Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Local Business Mariani Enterprises Ranks on Crain’s Fast 50 List

Mariani Enterprises, a local business, has recently been recognized for its exceptional growth and success. The company has secured a spot on the prestigious Crain’s Fast 50 list, which highlights the fastest-growing companies in the region. This achievement is a testament to Mariani Enterprises’ impressive five-year revenue increase of 492.4%, demonstrating its strong performance in the industry.

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Mariani Enterprises’ inclusion on the Crain’s Fast 50 list showcases the incredible growth and success the company has experienced over the past five years. With a revenue increase of 492.4%, Mariani Enterprises has demonstrated its ability to thrive in the industry. This recognition further solidifies the company’s position as a local business leader and serves as an inspiration to other businesses aiming for growth and success.