Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Husqvarna Introduces Innovative Rewilding Mode on Automowers


– Husqvarna is launching a new rewilding mode on their automowers.
– The rewilding mode helps green industry professionals to set aside more wild land for bees and butterflies.
– The automower, equipped with the rewilding mode, trims grass to a taller height, allowing wildflowers and other plants to thrive.
– The mode is aimed at encouraging biodiversity and supporting the declining bee and butterfly populations.
– Green industry professionals can choose specific areas to designate as wild land using the automower app.
– Husqvarna is partnering with various organizations to create bee-friendly habitats and promote environmental sustainability.

In Conclusion:

Husqvarna’s introduction of rewilding mode on their automowers is a remarkable innovation in the green industry. This mode helps raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and supports the protection of bee and butterfly populations. By allowing the grass to grow taller in designated areas, Husqvarna is helping create a more bee-friendly environment. This initiative contributes to the overall goal of environmental sustainability and showcases Husqvarna’s commitment to making a positive impact.